Campaign and Solo Scenarios

The Campaign and Solo Scenarios booklet features multiplayer Campaigns and solo Scenario options that are designed to be played on the Landscape Map.

Access the full digital booklet here.

Campaign One: The Sacred Ritual

There is a festering wound upon this world. While we mighty Elves stay within our sacred forest, races of savages lay waste to the world outside our woodland home. They exist in defiance of natural order – these creatures continue to defile the natural wonders of the land in service of their petty squabbles and lust for meaningless power.

They are unexceptional. They are unworthy. And they will be undone.

For the first time in a millenia, the deepwood calls to us once more – we must complete the sacred ritual that long eluded our mystical Elven ancestors, and finally bring to bloom the hallowed Everforest to cure this world for eternity.

The time of savages is over, and the time of the Elves is now. By the glory of our ancestors, those heathens shall beswallowed by the Everforest’s mighty maw, cleansing this land of all but those who are deserving to walk amongst her entrancing woods. We will find the Elder Tree and spread its seeds across the world.

The Elves are aiming to complete the sacred ritual, allowing the summoning of the Everforest and ensuring eternal Elven supremacy. The Empire and Orcs must fight separately to thwart the Elven plans, but ultimately will be forced together in a tenuous alliance to make a final stand against the Elves. Players will battle head to head in three Scenarios to determine a victor between the Elves and the Savage Alliance.

Campaign Two: The Shogun’s Glory

The Gods grow tired. Years have passed since they forced upon their subjects the purpose of all out war, yet
still no challenger has come forth to stake their claim to be the champion of the Gods. There are rumblings
in the East, however, that may soon change.

Renowned for her unmatched prowess in both swordsmanship and leadership, the Shogun had once unified the disparate Azuman clans under her banner, forging an empire that had long stood steadfast against opposing factions. Safety behind her crimson walls was not enough to sate the Shogun’s ambition, however. Guided by ancient prophecies, she yearned for a power beyond mortal comprehension, one that would elevate her to the status of a deity and a seat amongst the pantheon of the Gods. Raising her banners, she began her endless march towards the setting sun with a goal of conquest at her heart.

While the protean Gods found the Shogun’s hubris laughable, they could not deny her thirst for
bloodshed. Empowering challengers from the far reaches of the world, warbands from across the
realm embarked on their quest to stop the Shogun in her wake to satisfy the desires of the Gods.

Players will battle head to head in three Scenarios to determine a victor between the Azuma and the Warbands player.

Solo Scenarios: Survival & Annihilation

Two replayable Scenarios to be played solo on the Landscape Map.

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