Welcome to the complete rules pages for Reign Absolute: Umbrous Edition.

Multiplayer Rules


Setup as per Rules above. After 1st Player is determined, setup proceeds in a clockwise direction.

The 1st Player’s first Unit must be placed in the middle of the play area to start forming the Battlefield. The first Unit for the other players must be placed adjacent to an enemy Unit that is already on the Battlefield. All subsequent placements must be adjacent to a Unit from the player’s own Faction. If no valid position is available, the Unit may be placed adjacent to any placed Unit.


Players take Turns proceeding in a clockwise direction.


A player wins when they have the only remaining Liege Unit in play.

If a player’s Liege Unit is defeated in Combat, or through a Doom Action, that player is eradicated from the game.

If a player is eradicated, all of their Units are removed from the play area, and all their Combat Reinforcements are Discarded to the Reinforcement Discard pile.

The player that eradicates another player from the game, even if through a defensive encounter, immediately takes a Unit of their choice from their Unit Discard pile and places it adjacent to one of their Units on the Battlefield.

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