Solo Print and Play Strategy

Empire in Flames is a solo strategic board game that is played on a hex-based map. You will take command of the Empire and are tasked with eliminating the treasonous rebels through a variety of possible actions and abilities before they can destroy your Capital.

The armies stand ready at the gates, they stand to meet their foe. From the time of battles past, their ancestors’ cries echo down through history, on the winds of time, urging them onward. The enemy will be vanquished where they stand. Their viscera will steam through the mist like a rising fog. The battle is not for glory or treasure but to extinguish the rebellious hordes, to scorch them from the living earth. Take up arms. Herd the dogs. The cries of victory will echo throughout history or they will die as a whisper; the names of the gods the last sound from their lips. Step into battle, get ready for Empire in Flames.

Take control of the Human Empire and fight to quash the overwhelming rebellion rising up against your regal authority. Can you ensure that the story of the Empire does not end here?

How To Play

The game is split into alternating Empire and Rebel Turns, both of which are executed by the player. You will begin the Empire Turn by rolling a varying number of dice, spending the rolled values on the Empire Command sheet to perform a number of possible Actions and Abilities. You will then resolve these Actions on the Map Sheet, tasking individual Units to perform the Actions that you have chosen.

You are then charged with executing the Rebel Turn, once again rolling dice and using their values to follow the Rebel Logic Board and determine which Action/s the Rebels will take. You may then execute the Rebel Actions as directed by the Rebel Logic Board, or if you are unable/choose not to, you will endure a direct penalty to your Doom Clock. You must eliminate all Rebel Units before they can eliminate yours or they can eliminate your Doom Clock. 

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