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Reign Absolute is a grid based conquest card game where each player has an unique set of race units, and the objective is to locate and defeat the opponent's Liege unit

, at which point that player is eradicated from the game. Reinforcement Cards

provide varying tactical benefits and supplement individual unit's combat strength

. Aside from random draw of units during setup and the drawing of the Reinforcement Cards

, the game does not involve any additional random factors; there are no dice rolls.


Start with each player selecting a race. If a player has not played with or against a certain race before, it is recommended that the player quickly review the "Race Tips" card for the race in question; this may preempt the less experienced player from making a fatal error in the setup that may be nigh impossible to grasp victory from, likewise it provides tips for both strategic and tactical considerations that occur with that race, and tips to defeat them.

The player now takes the race's unit cards and shuffles them face down. Certain races have specific setup requirements, take note of any of these on the Race Rule card.

Shuffle all of the Reinforcement Cards

and place them face down forming the Reinforcement Deck. The First Player is randomly determined, by each player drawing a Reinforcement Card

and noting the random number value on the bottom right. The player with the highest value becomes the First Player. Place these drawn cards in the Reinforcement Discard pile.

Players now take turns placing a single unit in the play area; players may look at each card before they place them in the play area, but they cannot "peak ahead" to the units that will be placed in subsequent turns. The First Player's first unit must be placed in the middle of the play area. The first unit for the other players must be placed adjacent to an enemy unit that is already in the play area. All subsequent placements must be adjacent to a unit from the player's own army.

After all units are placed, and any race specific "post setup" tasks are resolved, then the First Player now takes a turn.


Players take turns proceeding in a clockwise direction. Each player's turn is broken up into two Phases; the first is the Action Phase followed by the Reinforcement Phase.

Action Phase

The player may do ONE Action. The available actions are:

  • Move
  • Attack
  • Doom

Some races have additional actions available to them. A player may elect to take no action and just proceed to the reinforcement phase.

Move Action

A move is the movement of a single unit, along with all Combat Reinforcements

under it, to an empty adjacent space in the play area. Units cannot move diagonally. Units cannot move on top of friendly units. The player does not have to reveal the unit that is being moved, nor any of its Combat Reinforcements


Attack Action

The Attack

action is similar to Move Action, however the unit moves into an adjacent enemy occupied space. A unit cannot Attack diagonally. The attacking unit along with it's Combat Reinforcements

are placed face up on top of the enemy unit. The defending player then reveals their unit that is being attacked, along with all of the unit's Combat Reinforcements


Any unit abilities are resolved at the appropriate stage of combat as described on the unit's ability text.

Any Combat Reinforcement

effects are resolved and each unit's overall strength is determined. The unit with the lower total strength is defeated and discarded. All Combat Reinforcements from all units involved in the combat are also discarded. If the strength values are equal both units are discarded. Units are discarded face up to each player's Unit Discard pile, Reinforcement Cards are discarded to the Reinforcement Discard pile.

Doom Action

The Doom

Action is a devastating final solution to wipe the remaining opponent units from the play area. Basically all players, including the current player, must discard a unit of their choice along with any Combat Reinforcements

under that unit. The process begins with the player to the left of the player that called Doom

. Taking in turns, progressing clockwise, each player MUST discard a unit of their choice, along with all of its Combat Reinforcements

. If the unit discarded is the Liege

, then that player is eradicated from the game, and the player who called Doom

immediately receives the bonus for eradicating another player. Continuing clockwise each players discards a unit until it gets to the player who called Doom

who must discard a unit like all other players. If the player chooses the Doom Action

then they MUST skip the reinforcement phase; meaning the player will not get any reinforcements at the end of their turn if they call Doom


Reinforcement Phase

The player draws ONE Reinforcement Card

from the Reinforcement Deck. The cards drawn from the Reinforcement Deck only need to be revealed when they are being resolved. Players can NOT hold Reinforcement Cards

in their hand between turns; at the end of the Reinforcement Phase any un-deployed or unresolved Reinforcement Cards

are discarded to the Reinforcement Discard Pile. There are two types of Reinforcement cards; Combat Reinforcements

& Turn Reinforcements



A player wins when they have the only remaining Liege

unit in play. If a player's Liege

unit is defeated in combat, that player is eradicated from the game and all of their units are removed from the play area. Note that some races have unique abilities regarding defeating the Liege


The player that eradicated the other player from the game, even if through a defensive encounter, immediately takes a unit of their choice from their discard pile and places it adjacent to one of their units.

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