Rapid Strategic Fantasy

Reign Absolute is a tabletop card game that combines streamlined warfare rules with memory and bluff mechanics creating an accessible conquest game.


Imagined as the love-child of Warhammer and Exploding Kittens, Reign Absolute is about bringing the fun and excitement of competitive fantasy-themed conquest to an audience that would otherwise be put off by a grueling set of rules and complicated setup requirements.

The protean gods have declared that only one race shall remain. Each race has heard the declaration of their deities, "Wipe all others from the face of the earth for only you are worthy of our grace". In truth these bitter gods are merely masked aspects of the single cabal of gods that rule supreme over the lands.

A typical two player game is about 15 minutes, including setup. The game is designed for 2-4+ players; the only limit to the number of players is the number of unique races available. However in keeping with the "rapid strategy" spirit of the game, it is best enjoyed with the recommended number of players (2-4). The game mechanics are suitable for ages 12 and up; although some of the artwork subject matter and themes are more suitable for ages 15 and up.

The game is currently in the last stages of development. The team is showcasing the game at various game-orientated conventions and expos; make sure you check out the Facebook page for further details regarding convention/expo appearances.


Reign Absolute provides a diverse range of races, each with a different play style and unique abilites. Each race is composed of a unique deck of unit cards along with race rules and race gameplay tips (both for playing as and against). Please note that the base set will probably only include a subset of the entire range of races; the exact number will be determined closer to the game launch.

Human - Empire

The feudel empire that focuses its strength on a defensive formation around their King. The Empire represents the baseline race for the game, making them the recommended race for beginner players.

Liege (): King

Strategy: Defensive positioning around the King, with high strength units attacking once supplemented by Combat Reinforcements .

Human - Raiders

The Raiders are a wild barbarous clan based race with strong attack units. The Raider Liege has a very high strength value making it a good attacking unit. The relative simplicity of the Raider's strategy makes the Raiders a good race for less experienced players, particularly those with an agressive aptitude.

Liege (): War Chief

Strategy: Attacking initially with the high strength Chieftan grants the Raiders a unit number advantage over opponents.


This frail race is reliant on the boons of their ancient woodland home to conquer the other races. Overall the Elf units are weaker than most races in regard to individual unit strength . While still in play, the immobile Elder Tree grants the Elf player an additional Reinforcement Card draw in the Reinforcement Phase.

Liege (): King

Strategy: Defence of the Elder Tree is paramount. If given enough time, the ability of Elves to out-strip the accummulation of Combat Reinforcements more than makes up for the race's lower strength. Bluffing and exploiting opponent's reluctance to attack units like the Scout and Dryad can prove to be sound tactics leading up to the point where the Elf units are sufficiently strong enough to attack other races.


A brutal race of tough green skins. Overall the Orc units are stronger than most races in regard to individual unit strength . The Orc race has a unique Liege setup with all units being promotable through the use of the Warlord card. Being the Warlord grants the unit an Attack bonus, but also comes with a large Defence penalty. Once the Warlord unit is defeated, the Warlord card is immediately transfered to another Orc unit of the Orc player's choice.

Liege (): Warlord* (The Warlord title is not an individual unit but a card that is placed on Orc units.)

Strategy: The Orc race's unique Liege setup effectively means that they have to be wiped out entirely before they are eradicated from the game.


The Ratling's strength lies in number. In addition of the initial unit compliment for the setup stage, the Ratlings have an additional "Breeding Deck" that is used throughout gameplay. Ratlings have an unique Action called Breed that allows the placement of a unit from the "Breeding Deck" either on top or adjacent to one of their units. They also have the unique ability to combine units together, done through their Action called Swarm, which allows Ratling units to combine to become a single Swarm. Once combined, units within a Swarm cannot be seperated and are treated as a single unit. It is not recommended to play either with or against Ratlings if there are inexperienced players in the game.

Liege (): Rat King

Strategy: The sheer number of Ratling units make them largely immune to Doom , however the individual Ratling unit is easily defeated by almost any enemy unit in the game. On the other hand, large swarms can become near unstoppable killing machines.


A highly defence orientated race, that only through crafting powerful relics can they take the fight to the other races. The Dwarves have an unique Action called Forge which allows them to select a relic of their choice from the Dwarf Relic Supply. This ability can be further enhanced by choosing to reveal the location of the Relic Master; which is a risk in itself as this low strength unit grants the enemy a massive benefit once defeated in combat.

Liege (): King

Strategy: The extremely high initial defensive strength grants the Dwarves the opportunity to strengthen their forces to the point were they can attack the higher strength units from other races.


The Demon units are marked by their diverse and unique abilities, while also having relatively high strength value units. The most powerful trait of the Demons is their Liege's ability to Summon one of their units during combat; the summoned unit's strength and Combat Reinforcements are added to the Demon Lord's own for that specific combat. After the combat is resolved the summoned unit is discarded regardless of the result.

Liege (): Demon Lord

Strategy: The general high strength of the Demon race allows for a primarily agressive strategy. The Demon Lord's ability, even though it is devastatingly powerful, is reliant on being able to call to his aid troops with high total strength values (unit strength plus Combat Reinforcements ); this means that Combat Reinforcements often have to be shared around, even to those not in the frontline.


The Undead are one of the most complex races in the game, both in their setup and gameplay. All Undead unit cards are played face-up, although each unit's Combat Reinforcements remain face down like other races. The setup is comprised of Graveyards which are immobile with a strength of zero. However by using the Undead's unique Action called Raise; the Undead player can convert Graveyards into Skeletons, a moderate strength unit that can quickly be enhanced to become a viable threat. Also unique to the Undead is the Graveyard Supplemental Deck; a set of additional Graveyards that are placed after the Undead player's Reinforcement Phase. The Undead Liege has the unique ability of being able to respawn after defeat in combat by discarding a Graveyard and moving the Wraith Lord to that location. It is not recommended to play either with or against Undead if there are inexperienced players in the game.

Liege (): Wraith Lord

Strategy: As the Undead Liege has high strength and can be respawned at any graveyard it is an ideal attack unit; with the provision that there are still Graveyards to respawn at.

How To Play

The rules have been moved over to the Wiki site.


Reign Absolute is a grid based conquest game where each player has an unique set of race units, and the objective is to locate and defeat the opponent's Liege unit, at which point that player is eradicated from the game. Reinforcment Cards provide varying tactical benefits and supplement individual unit's combat strength . Aside from random draw of units during setup and the drawing of the Reinforcement Cards , the game does not involve any additional random factors; there are no dice rolls.


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